Fashion trends for men

Published: 23rd August 2011
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Fashion Trends:
Fashion earlier just meant wearing new clothes preferably matching ones. But over a period of time we have noticed that the way we wear clothes and present ourselves has changed. Today fashion is not just about clothes but is a lot more than that. Things like your hair style, inner garments, socks, shoes matter a lot. If you are a female, apart from these necessary things, lipstick, nail paint, jewelry etc also matter a lot. We have seen that every decade had some kind of specific trend with fashion. From trailing skirts and hats of 1900 to bright colored clothes for different seasons of 2011 fashion keeps changing.

Why Fashion?

It plays a very vital role in our day to day lives. Fashion helps us maximize our assets and reduce our defects or flaws. Achieving fashion is really a tricky question. One must feel comfortable both physically and mentally for any new clothes that you try. As in early 1900 females were forced to wear clothes that were too tight. It was often noticed that they fainted due to the same reason. In the same way, men used to wear tight pants and that was pretty uncomfortable too. Fashion is a means of dressing oneself so, he is comfortable with the environment he is working or staying in.

Myths of Fashion:

"Fashion is not for me" this is what one hears very often. This is not true. Itís just a myth. If you look in the magazines or books published on fashion, it clearly states that fashion is meant for all. People of all ages, cast, color and size can enjoy the benefits of fashion. Other myth is fashion is a custom of rich people and not us. This is very untrue. In fact anything that you wear; is as per the latest trend; suits you and is well within your budget is called fashion. It is not necessary that wearing clothes like models walking on ramp in Parish Fashion Shows means fashion.

Fashion for men:

Fashion is not just meant for females. Males also have fashion trends . Currently there are mostly three types of clothing that men prefer. They are: Business Formals, Business Casuals and Casuals. These are called fashion trends. Mostly people working for corporate prefer business formals for work. In the same way, business casuals can also be worn to work. Casuals are the best trademark of students and dress for weekends or holidays. Today we get a wide range of Jean pants and T shirts as casual clothes. In the same way, there are other accessories for men categorized in these three kinds. Accessories like belts, shoes, vaults etc come in a wide range that suit your dressing sense and have become a part of fashion trends .

T Shirts:

Today T shirts
have become one of the most important factors of casual dressing. We get a wide range of T shirts in the market. Range from colors, texture, material and patterns. You can choose as per your mood and taste. Today, thanks to the computer technology, we can have custom made T shirts that can contain your photo or any drawing or painting on it. T Shirts are also used a good advertising material. These days we often see company logo or names printed on T Shirts. These are then distributed amongst the workers of that organization. Printed matter on a T shirt acts more than any other advertising medium. T Shirts come in various patterns such as: round neck, polo neck, collared, Chinese collared etc. The most common T Shirts are collared and round neck ones.

Personally I like to wear round neck T shirts as a casual wear and a collared T Shirt as a business casual when I am on work.

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